ACOnet FileSender is a local installation of the FileSender software at the University of Vienna, and is operated -- without any warranties -- by ACOnet, the Austrian Academic Computer Network. FileSender is developed to the requirements of the higher education and research community in the context of an open source project.

Owner/Editor/Publisher/Data controller

University of Vienna
Vienna University Computer Center
Department ACOnet & VIX
Universitaetsstrasse 7
1010 Vienna


Data protection

See ACOnet FileSender Datenverarbeitung (in German).

Terms and Conditions (2013-03-01)

The ACOnet FileSender may only be used for the authorized transmission of large files between identifiable individuals.
Wilful abuse of this tool, e.g. for illegal file sharing activities, may lead to (among other consequences) lockout of the responsible parties.

  • Service level: Best effort
  • Network Transmission Security: TLS/SSL
  • Encryption of transient file storage: Optional
  • Backup for transient file storage: None
  • Download authentication/authorization: None
    (Whoever gets hold of a download URL or upload voucher will be able to use it.)